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Ernst Haiss GmbH
the experienced manufacturer for
“Panther” steel wool and high-grade steel wool products

Since more than 75 years the Ernst Haiss GmbH manufactures steel wool in more than 10 different grades of No. 0000 to No. 6 from special steel. It is used in industry, trade, handicraft and household for cleaning, grinding and polishing from wood, furniture, glass and metal, also for the machine polishing of high polished soil, parquet, linoleum, as mat and for dust seperation.

As speciality high grade resistent steel wool “stainless” is manufactured with about 17% chromium (Cr) and 1% molybdenum (Mo), water and heat resistend until 800°C for automobile industry, mechanical engineering, muffler, chemical-technical and filter purposes, in special equipments such as mats to 1,3m width in one and multilevel layer, if necessary also with high ultimate tensile strength in different length, tubes and pressed parts according your wishes.

Special qualities with temperature stability until 1100 °C are possible.